Scotts Rewards Program


Welcome to the Scotts Rewards program. This program is designed to give our loyal customers a cash return on their purchases each and every time you come in store.

If you haven’t already pop into the store a pick up a reward card with your next purchase (simply ask for a card at the counter) When you first receive your card, the cashier will ask you for your name and email address to register the card and link it to your new account, don’t worry if you don’t have an email address. Once you have signed up your first transaction will be credited to your account!

Reward Cards

Now that you have your new reward card it’s really simple to receive cashback. Simply hand the card to the cashier and each time you make purchase your account will be updated with the new transaction.

When you first use your card you will receive an email with a link to register your online account. You can then access your account from this page and see the balance available to you. More features such as special offers and promotions will be added to this page over time, so keep an eye out.



Terms & Conditions

By registering your account online you are agreeing to the below terms and condition.

  1. You may only have one reward card in your name.
  2. Only 1 one reward can be used at any time for a single transaction.
  3. At the managers discretion we have the right to reject the reward card at any time.
  4. The reward card remains the property of Scotts Fish and Chips.
  5. Scotts Fish and Chips have the right to remove your account at any time or under suspicions of misuse.
  6. Scotts Fish and Chips have the right amend the value of your account at any time, including a complete removal of the account.
  7. The rewards cannot be used for large orders that already have a discount applied.
  8. By accepting these terms and conditions you consent to receiving the occasional promotional email from Scotts Fish and Chips.
  9. Scotts Fish and Chips will not sell or misuse your data in anyway.
  10. Scotts Fish and Chips have the right to use this data to send you promotional information from Scotts Fish and Chips.